Proud Spirits:
This horse was found abandoned and starving in a vacant field. He was confiscated by law enforcement and placed in our custody.


We named him Phoenix because he definitely rose from the ashes.


Dancer had been isolated and abandoned in a field. This photo was taken the day Dancer was rescued and had arrived safely at Proud Spirit.


Dancer's story is one of the most moving stories in "The Horses of Proud Spirit."  Get your copy of the book and read all about this gallant Appaloosa.
Dusty was only two years old when he was rescued from slaughter.  This photo was taken two weeks after he was brought to Proud Spirit,  still very thin and depressed.

You can read about Dusty's remarkable recovery in "The Horses of Proud Spirit."

Read their stories in "The Horses of Proud Spirit"
and "Hoof Prints: More Stories from Proud Spirit".

Books are available a book stores everywhere
and through

Profits from the sale of these books supports
rescue efforts and the horses who live at
Proud Spirit Sanctuary.

'Ol Pal - an elderly, severely neglected horse whose help came very late in his life.  He lived the final months of his life in the loving care of Proud Spirit, gained some weight but, sadly, did not have
the ability to recover.  Not every rescue turns out as hoped, but 'Ol Pal found tender loving care at the sanctuary at the end of his life.

A stallion, and his daughter were found starving and without water.  They were considered impossible to catch.  Being in a very out-of- the way location,  it was even difficult to get to where they were.  However, Melanie, with her knowledge and confidence, was able to get them both to Proud Spirit.  After they  regained weight and strength, Padre' was gelded and both became members of the Proud Spirit herd.  Padre' had much more difficultly settling in but has bonded with a small group and is now living as a horse should.  An amazing transformation.
Can this be the same horse?

Amazing Grace
Twenty-seven horses were siezed.  When Mel got there, several were already dead - lying on the ground.  One of the mares who died had a baby at her side. She was terribly underdeveloped, tiny, tiny for her age, but old enough to survive without her mom.   When she got to Proud Spirit, she was in shock.  Starved, dehydrated filled with worms and covered in lice.  Probably would have died within days.  Named Amazing Grace she is known as Mazie and today, although still small with a few minor deformities, she is a healthy, happy girl.
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Mazie now!
     Melanie Sue Bowles
  The Proud Spirit Books

The Proud Spirit Books
"Somewhere...somewhere in time's own space,
there must be some sweet pastured place,
where creeks sing on and tall trees grow,
a place where forgotten horses can go."
                             - Author Unknown
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