Melanie Sue Bowles
  The Proud Spirit Books

Guilty as charged!
To begin, it was necessary to clear the vegetation
in order to get in with the materials and set the
line for the fence.
Had to hire a guy with a bulldozer.

The entire distance is 1/4 mile. We are almost half-way. Probably another 5 days of work. It's exhausting. There's so much walking involved, up and down the hills, back and forth. The really tough part is the auger will only go so far because of all the rocks. Then we have to pound the rocks with a huge bar that I can barely raise above my head, then get down on our knees and dig the broken rocks out by hand, get back up, pound the rocks, kneel back down and dig em out. People who have never done fencing have no idea how labor intensive it is. It's not just setting a pole, putting it in the ground and moving to the next one. There's so much prep work setting the lines, building H braces, lifting 80# bags of concrete for every "line" pole, walking back and forth for tools, toting buckets of water for the concrete, using a chainsaw for the angle cuts on the braces, it runs out of fuel and the gas can is at the other end of the work zone... walking, walking, walking. I could go on and on about even MORE that is involved. I can hardly lift my arms this morning. And of course, Jim does 100 times more than me.  By the time he finished he was absolutely soaked with sweat. Even his jeans were soaked from top to bottom.
Cooling off in the creek.
         Ahhhhhh . . . .
Someone bring him a cold beer!
6/4/11 -Progress message from Melanie:
Another day - more wire!  More progress.  Maybe FOUR days to completion now.

Walking out another section of wire. I swear these rolls weigh a million pounds. Okay... maybe 75#.
"Well, breaking out
and going on a
walk-about in the woods
was fun while it lasted.
Sorry we caused so much
work, though."

A little over two thousand dollars, seven days of SUPER hard work battling brutal heat and about a million ticks, but it's DONE!!! The fencing is done...!!! YAY!!!

The Proud Spirit Books
"Somewhere...somewhere in time's own space,
there must be some sweet pastured place,
where creeks sing on and tall trees grow,
a place where forgotten horses can go."
                             - Author Unknown
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